Policy of the journal

The basis of the policy of the journal «Journal of Geography and Environmental Management» is the principle of an interdisciplinary approach. The journal publishes the articles of the authors, which provide the results of theoretical and applied research on the current problems of the humanities and social sciences.

The publication is focused on the coverage of publications on the following specialties: «Geography», «Hydrology», «Meteorology», «Geodesy and Cartography», «Geoinformatics»

«Ecology», «Secure lifehood», «Tourism» «Cadastre», «Land management».

The main sections of the journal are: «Physical, economic and social geography», «Geoecology», «Meteorology and hydrology», «Recraetion geography and tourism», «Cartography and geoinformatics».

The journal  «Journal of Geography and Environmental Management»is addressed to a broad scientific community, university teachers, young scientists.

An important function of the journal is the dissemination of scientific information and the involvement of new authors. The journal initiates discussions on problematic issues of theory and practice.

The magazine accepts original high-quality scientific articles, previously not published and not submitted for publication in another journal.

Editorial ethics of the journal is based on the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in respect of copyright and generally accepted in the world practice provisions on publicity ethics.