Functions of the elements of geomorphosystems (on the example of a river valley)

  • Е. Ю. Ликутов Tyumen State University


Basing on the results of independent and previous research following the functions of relief-forming processes we were first to state the functions and elements of geomorphosystems, so far – on the example of the elements of river valleys  river-bed, river-banks and islands. The functions of elements of geomorphosystems have not been considered in literature up till now. They are inherent in both reliefforming processes functions: preparatory (limited), transport, form-building,  function o f exchange of substance, energy and information, dynamic, joining, consolidating, protective, and only in forms and elements of relief (and composing them loose products (rocks) – in particular – energy-distributing. 
The suggested work is one of the first in the beginning of working out of a new trend in geomorphology: functional analysis of relief forming. Mainly that is why the results obtained in it are not complete and what is more they are not comprehensive for the  opic but only marking the beginning of research in the considered new trend. But even they show that with the help of functional analysis of relief forming – as on the level of relief-forming processes as on the level of forms and elements of relief, the researchers are able to achieve long-known  but so far not achieved aim of geomopphological research: to comprehend the essence of  relief-forming. The reliability and detail of results are provided by considering not only the  forms and elements of relief but also other participants of relief forming: relief-forming processes, external conditions of relief forming, links and interactions between them and  functions of relief-forming processes.
It seems necessary to continue the research within the range of a new trend in geomorphology:functional analysis of relief-forming.
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