Peculiarities of application of photogrammetric methods in planning of open mountain works

  • Х. М. Касымканова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Е. Ж. Жалгасбеков Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Г. К. Джангулова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


The article deals with the application of photogrammetric methods for planning open-сast mining operations in the process of developing deposits. The introduction of innovative methods of planningand normalizing the extraction of minerals contributes to the acceleration of scientific and technological progress in mining operations. An important problem in planning and rating is the opening,preparation and extraction of ore reserves of mineral deposits. When planning for mining operations, the standardization of reserves according to the degree of their preparedness for production is made toestablish the actual availability of the enterprise’s reserves and their standards. Reducing the volume of prepared stocks from established standards may lead to non-fulfilment of the enterprise’s productionplans. An increase in the volume of prepared reserves from the established standards will lead to a decrease in the economic efficiency of the mining enterprise due to unproductive expenditures. Theregulation of the ratio of the volumes of opened, prepared and ready-to-mined mineral reserves in accordance with their adopted standards ensures the normal operation of the enterprise in fulfilling theplanned volumes of mineral raw materials and rhythmic fulfilment of the plan for mining the mineral. In the market conditions, the reserve standards for each specific field under development should bedetermined by a comprehensive account of the production capacity of the enterprise, the parameters of the deposits at the horizons and the system of development used, as well as the volumes of miningand drilling operations. In this regard, the feasibility of conducting research on the development of innovative methods for planning and standardizing the preparedness of ore reserves during the developmentof a mineral deposit by the open method is topical.
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