The features of the development of ecological tourism in the South Kazakhstan region

  • А. С. Акaшевa Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • К. Д. Дуйсебaевa Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • И. Д. Джумaбековa Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Ж. К. Мукaлиев Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Nowadays, the ecological tourism sector is promoting effective development on the economy. Today, ecological tourism is one of the areas of modern tourism and it has spread throughout the world in the last decades. Kazakhstan has are great opportunities for development of ecological tourism. The basis of its numerous natural, historical monuments, unique natural conditions and landscapes in the heart of Eurasia. Evidence of ecotourism is known, that is, the interest of Organization of the United Nations, the world wildlife Fund, international Union for conservation of nature and natural resources to the ecotourism further development in the further development of eco-tourism. The result of the study and questionnaires which were conducted in the countries Germany, UK, France, South Korea and Japan have determined a high interest of foreign citizens to ecological tour in Kazakhstan. Our country looking for ways to develop tourism destinations in the practice of foreign countries, as their countries above us in this field. South Kazakhstan is the most beautiful and largest region in the country. It is different with a rich very cultural heritage, warm weather and natural scenery. The work purpose: study problems of effective use of recreational resources and development of ecological tourism in southern Kazakhstan. Duties of work: historical aspects recreational resource and consideration theoretical foundations in development of ecological tourism. The article is devoted to the features of the development of ecological tourism in the South Kazakhstan Region. Prerequisites of its development were formulated in the region, difficulties of the development of ecotourism were characterized and possible ways to overcome them were considered. The current state of touristic recreational ecological potential of South Kazakhstan is being analyzed. The basic tendencies of development of the tourism industry were investigated, that ecotourism can be seen precisely the balance, which can provide jobs and stable high incomes and save intact wildlife. In regions such as the South Kazakhstan, ecotourism can help nature protection, growth of employment and socio-economic development. The conclusions about the perspectives of the ecological tourism in protected areas were made.
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